Weight Allowance: This is the weight in pounds a char- Using the same scenario with the PLAYER'OS PTIONsys- acter can carry without being encumbered (see Encum- tem, the DM would call for a Musde check (Muscle score brance, chapter seven, for more information). Hairfoots aredistinguished from other halflings by their lack of facial with small caps. Leon records this on his character's !35record sheetStrength 16 Constitution 12 485Stamina 15 Intelligence 12 535Muscle 17 Wisdom 8 II 18/01-50Dexterity 14 Charisma 11 Subabiliies are used as the base numbersfor many pro- 19 ficiencies in the PLAYER'SOPTIONsystem. They love to spend Wemia are part human and part lion, combiningthe twotheir days and nights in sport, and they never miss an oppor-tunity to chase after wood nymphs or other comely creatures. All other character classes are limited to a +2 which shows a general level of education, experience, and maximum bonus per hit die. The character was one such person, and he left home turer because somethingmagical happened in his life. This is especiallyvaluable to the halfling can taunt someone, spellcasters. This modifier is applied auto-matically, without any effort on the part of the character orplayer makingthe saving throw. Intelligence8 Wisdom 8 Charisma 4d6 Charisma 8 Leon rolls the number of dice he assigned to each ability Leon wants to create a cleric, who should be wise but and recordsthe results:also capable of defending himself well in combat. Infravision: The character pos-sesses infravision (the ability to see inthe dark) to a range of 60 feetIkeen can actuallv, lea.p 50 feet forward Racial Ahitity &ore Adjustmentsor 20 feet in the air, but they do not -After selec 3 race, modify the character's ability scores as shown below.gain this ability until they reach 3rdlevel.h. For every 3%points of Constitu-Infravision, 120' Miningdetection abilities tion/Health, the gnome receives a +1 bonus. . appear to be poorly constructed combinations of various humanoid races, with misshapenlimbs of different shapesKobold and proportions. Business impact [ edit] The original 1996 release of the Core Rules resulted in unhappiness with TSR from retail stores that stocked the product. c. Hide in natural settings: Thecreature can hide in natural settings, Hobgoblin K."'11just as a thief can hide in shadows. . Found or stole a valuable item: The character uncov-Apprenticeships need not be limited to mundane trades; ered or stole something of value or interest to others. . . Averaging3' tall, hairfoots are stockier than their cousins. Perhaps the love interest is an adven- 12 Kidnapped turer, whom the character accompanies on quests. However, a lizard man in plate mail (AC 3) is AC 3. conservativetones. a lawful good cleric of at least 7th level, confess the act, and seek penance. Freeze (10): the ability to "freeze" in place in theirForest Gnome Racial Penalties underground environment. . . As a race, Centauraarakocra are extremely claustrophobic, and dislike beingindoors or underground. In many ways, dark ekes are the High Elvestwisted,corrupt versions of their abovegroundrelatives. Wemics believethat everythingin the world is a l i n gthing from the Swanmays are human females who are gifted with the skies to the sun or earth, and they are very superstitious.magical power to transform themselves into swans. rulebooks series, takes an in-depth look atmagic in AD&D. . High elves +be within 4 points of each other. They have light long, muscular limbs. Most are bald, and those who are notusually shave their heads. For evely 3H points of Health, the character receives a +1 bonus. Alternate subability Method Ratherthan simply assigning numbersto subability scores, players can determine the scores randomly. A character with leftover character points Score Bonus Halflingmay select additional racial abilities after 4-6 +1Abilities taking one of the standard subrace pack- 7-10 +2 ages. Their dencies, but player characters can be of any alignmentsmall size makesthem wary of larger races,though gnomesare not hostile unless the larger folk are evil. Each from the common people. .116Weapon Specialization and Mastery ..1 18 Appendm: Compiled Tables .178Monsters and Weapon Mastery 119 Index . 188Equipment . 120Different Forms of Wealth .122Ways to Spend and Save Money ..122Encumbrance and Movement .124EquipmentTables . . Specific examples of the various subabili acters try to understand a strange language or recall bits ofchecks follow. His 2d6 result is a 4. The Player point system introduced in Skills and Powers, allows for incredible versatility in character generation. Itcharacters can enter into apprenticeshipswith other adven- could be gold; jewelry or gems; a minor magical item; aturers. fighter, cleric, or thief. The chance of success is 1-4 '16. and as longas they have points to spend. . A character with a high Reason score would be A character with a high Health score would seldom get sick and be little affected by allergies and other ailments. 7. During a game session, a player can spend saved the order: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence,Wis- points to give his character a second chance to accom- dom, and Charisma. Warrior classes include the fighter, Ability Requirements:Strength 9paladin, and ranger. Identifier. change shape.They are usuallyill-temperedbeingswho enjoy violence forits own sake, indulgingin all manner of cruelty to entertain Swanmays belong to a special sisterhood of druids andthemselves.Ogres are extremelystrongand hardy, buttheir rangers, living in communal lodges in hidden forests. Languages: Deep gnomes begin with the following lan- Gnomes are much less dour than their dwatven rela- guages: svirfneblin, gnome, common, undercommon, darktives, with sly and lively senses of humor. Max.# Spell Wisdom Wisdom is divided into the subabilII 13 6th 9 II Intuition-which determines the chara awareness of his surroundings, grasp of a situation, understanding of other people, and Willpower-which mea- suresthe character's strength of will and commitment Leon decides his character has little Willpower. This ability lasts one hour for every leveltemperamental and emotional elves. They are the most ual or creature. . Tallfellow HalflingsHairfoot Halflings Character point cost:35Character point cost: 30The most common halfling, hairfoots prefer rural settings. So ifLeon's fighter wants to force open a trap door, Leon rolls The next check (and all subsequent checks) would be3d20. Sound mimicry: Mongrelmen have the ability to penalties by 1 point while fightingenemies within 15 feet.perfectly imitate any sound they hear. The winner of such a c o n k t is the one who success-mob. Chapter Eight (pages 136-141) provides five new schools of magic. They are the most com-mon of all the dwarven varieties, as they adapt well to life Abilities ages. Design Contributions: Rich Baker, Skip Williams. Most hill dwarves are lawfulgood, but player characters can be of any alignment own customized dwarven character, he can pick and choose from the list of dwarven abilities listed below. make a Sprinting check The 12 subabilities are listed below, along with their Fatigue: A character's Stamina influences when he effects on characters. An using his bestjudgment of the situation.aarakocra character suffers a -3 penalty to attack rolls insuch settings. Wemics are aboriginal nomads who livecontest or game. Their hair can humans.be blond, brown, red, black, and shades in between- They usually wear their hair long, sometimes coveredthough with few exceptions it is always curly. Languages:Aquatic elves begin play with knowledge oftheir own tongue, kuo-toa, sahuagin, dolphin. Genre Role-playing. Credits. Most deep dwalves are neutral, law-the eaGh for precious metals and gems, ful neutral, or chaotic neutral. subability score, due to his great size. imbibed poisons. Such a warrior has high ideals to maintain at all Spell resistance (5): Fighters with spell resistancegain a times.+1 bonus to all saving throws versus spells. Charisma.9 Character points also can be used in the course of play, Method II: Roll 3d6 twice for each ability. Their hair tends to be light, and their eyes usually are blue, gray, or green. If 15 100%the roll is equal to or less than the listed chance, the wizard 20 1OO%Jcan learn the spell. These immunities are cumulative. taking one of the standard subrace pack-High Elves' Special Abilities ages. bonus prise rolls. Theyand can safely dispose of it. Points can be spent to acquire racial abilities for demi- few new ideas that allow players more control over their characters. Other types of dwarves Melee Combat Bonuses MiningDetectionAbilitiesdistrust duergar, and as such, duergar suffer an initial -2penaltyto reaction rolls from their cousins. If the character with the 14 result hadAbility C h e c k s "Leon, see if your 17 Muscle instead rolled a 15 or a 5, the other competitorwould have fighter can lift that iron chest." Most elves are between 5 and 5%'tall andMeld into stone (10): Once a day a dwarf with this abil- weigh about 110 pounds. If the player desires a 6 74 18character with a high Strength, he could devote 4d6, 5d6, 7 76 17or even 6d6 to that ability. The charac- subability score, due to his hardy heritage. Proficiencies: Reason is used as the base number forsuch proficiencies as engineering, navigation, armorer, Bonus Spells: This is the number of additional spells thatweaponsmithing, spellcraft, and astrology. Hideous appearance: Mongrelmenare so warpedthe character gains proficiency in the gythka, a thri-kreen in appearance that they have an effective Charisma of 1polearm. They can be within 5.attempting to disbelieve somethingwhich is actually an illu-sion suffer a -2 penalty to the attempt Balance bonus (1 0): 1 to the character's Bdance sub ability score. . Resurrection Chance: This is the percentage chance It 19 +2(+5j (on a 1 d100)that a dead character has of being success- 100% rfualilsyebdreoaudghstpbealclsk. Ran away from home: The character fled home earlyin life. Halflings-unlike dwarves and gnomes-are not hindered when using magical items. They prefer the Deep Dwarves' Special Abilitiessecurity and the isolation that living far beneath the earth Infravision, 90' SavingThrow Bonuses Melee Combat Bonuses* Mining DetectionAbilitiesprovides.The typical deep dwarf is 4 4 % 'tall and weighs 120 * Attack bonus applies vs. drow, troglodytes, and ora.pounds. Like many Most alaghi live as semi-nomadic huntergatherers.They woodland creatures, they have a great respect for nature'stend to be shy and peaceful creatures, with a driving sense balance, and try not to disturb the world they live in. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes. Aarakocra avoid human weapons with l i e trouble.grappling or combat on the ground, but their talons andbeak serve as formidable weapons in a pinch. 22 +4 +25 +25 Maximum Press: This is the most weight a charactercan lift over his head. High elveshatredthat bums in their hearts and minds. The player has an additional 7d6 to divide among those scores. . Loyalty Base: This modifier is applied to henchmen's 16 +5loyalty scores (see the DUNGEONM m P Guide). Then, in the early O OS, the UnearfhedArcana book, the first major evo-ion of the AD&D game, was published. The new rules are tailored to the character point system. ter points. I think they were actually testing out some of the concepts to the then-in-the-horizon 3rd edition, and it shows. . Maybe he owned a tav- 3 Enslaved ern, was a brewer, or made a living painting portraits. Custom-craft your next PC, selecting the profession, skills, and abilities you want! breathers, but they can hold their breath for a number ofFor the DM's convenience, a short list of common rounds equal to % their Constitution score before checkinghumanoid and monstrous character races is provided be- for drowning.low, with standard abilities and hindrances. merman, and Languages: Gray elves begin with six languages of theirundersea common. The spine is good. This circle dis-pels hostile magic at a level equal to the experience level ofthe paladinCurative (10): Cure diseases of all types once a weekfor every three experience levels. next a Stamina check (Stamina 15) would be needed to* hold the masonry in the air long enough for his friend to Sprinting: Stamina is used when a character needs to move out from under it. entranceways. The book begins with a one-page foreword by Niles and Donovan. Hill dwarves prefer earth taking one of the standard subrace pack-tones and seldom wear jewelry. They head of a bull and the body of a human male. dehydration; A character withb e l Limits by Class this restriction is vulnerable to dehy- dration if he spends too much time out of the water. Addeddate. Any unspent points can Ised to acquire nonweapon proficiencies or saved 1 Ise during the game. Or he could have been a priest killed in a disaster and rein- carnated into a new form-and he must start a career from Kidnapped: The character was kidnapped as a young scratch. The 2d6 result istem, and divides his 75 points as follows: found on the chart below. As a result they also tend to be stronger. They tend to avoid bloodshedwhen they can, stayingin the shadows and l i n g by petty theft and scavenging. If you are using the character 17point system introduced in the previous chapter, this is the 18 8546number of bonus character points the charactergains whenbuying proficiencies. .16 Specialty Priests . .58Wisdom, Intuition, Willpower 17 Druids -58Charisma, Leadership, Appearance .18 Wizards ..60Alternate Subability Method .19 Wizard .. . A standard paladin spends tiaracter pointsto acquire the abilities of circle of povr I II, curative 10, detection 5, faithful mount 5, healing:ab 5, protection from evil 5, saving throw bonus 1Id turn undead 10.Circle of power (5): If the paladin has a h o l y w r d , hecan projecta circle of power 10' in diameter. He can't spend more than 2 characterreceives a +2 bonusto all surprise checks.m. The climb walls ability is a good example. tiveness, presence, and poise. Characters can even have additional ability scores such as Stamina, Muscle, Balance, and others. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, AD&D, MYSTARA, BOXED SET, COMPANION RULES, RED, BLUE, DARK BLUE, GREYHAWK, FORGOTTEN REALMS, RAVENLOFT, DRAGON, CASTLES, SPELLJAMMER, DUNGEON MASTER'S, RUINS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN, GOBLIN'S, MENZOBERRANZAN, MYTH See the chart belowfor bonus levels granted to those characters with high Dwarves Dwarvesare a short, stodty race, averagingscores in their dass prime requisites. This gives them a 60% Forest gnomes cannot have infravision. Refer to the world warriors.Handbook for more information.Are prevented from using certain magical items. Many a fighter began his career as a mere squire,and more than one young person with a talent for the Art map to a dungeon, lost city, or treasure hoard; a prizedsignedwith the local hedge wizard. Each such statistic is broken down into a pair of sub-statistics, and all the existing ability scores of the character now start to depend in one or the other of the sub-statistics. . Resistance (5): 30% resistance to sleep and charmas per the 1st level wizard spell. The languagesare subject to the DM5 approval.Aquatic Elves' SpecialAbilitiesConfer Water Breatlung Secret doorsInfravision. This rule the player can choose which languagesthe character knows.is official in the PLAYER'OS m system. Muscle 17 Ftness 12 Strength 16 Constitution 12 Dexterity 14 Intelligence 12 Stamina 15 Health 12 Aim 12 Reason 1 1 Muscle 17 Fitness 12 Balance 16 Knowledge 13 Dexterity 14 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 8 Charisma 1 1 Aim 12 Wisdom 8 Salance 16 Charisma 1 1 - 1 Inls ability defines how well a character handles n information. ability checks that mirror the class abilities of rogues. . This bonus is in addition to any thecharacters might receive for high Balance scores. . The character's Stamina score may Musde score may be up to 5 points higherthan his Sta-be up to 5 points higherthan his Muscle subability score. Fearlessness: Minotaunalso enjoy a +3 savingthrow t. Antennae: A thri-kreen's antennae give it a sensitivitybonus velsus fear, includingfwr, smre, cause fear, or emo-tion spells, dragon fear, and similar effects. When a player selects a character, he must acceptthe standardabilitiesand restrictionsof that race-there are no optionalvariations or abilities, siders it his only purpose in such as those described for dwarves, elves, or the other standarddemihuman races. A new rule for the PLAYER'SOPTIONsystem is that all unarmored warrior and roguecharacters gain an additional +2 bonus to armor classwhile unencumbered. . -1 Strength, -1 Charisma j. masters of tactics and strategy. .. to attack rolls against kobolds and gob lins In addition, ogres suffer a -4 pen- Druid 12 17 aity to hit dwarws, and ogres, bugbears, I and gnolls suffer a -4 penaity to hit gnomes. WebPlayer characters can spend points on acquiring class abilities, such as the paladins capacity to lay on hands. New weapon proficienciesusually cost 2 or 3 char- points as longas they declareso beforerollingany dice- acter points. All paladins have the following restrictions:4 fighter can gain bonus character points to spend on theabove abilities by accepting a voluntary restrictionon his nor- Cannot possess more than 10 magical items. Theyreceive no penalties for aerial missile fire. larger.)q. . Only one attempt for each such door isallowed. Malfunc-tion checks apply to magical wands,rods, staves, rings, amulets, potions,horns, and jewels. . . An appendix (pages 178-187) compiles the tables presented in this book. Reformed:The character was a criminalwho decidedtochange his lifestyle. Only humans can become paladins. Another common example of such a contest is an arm- wrestling match. Limited magical item use (5+): A fighter with thisrestriction distrusts magic and refuses to use certain cate-gories of magical items. . Leon decides his character will have these Leadership and Appearance scores:Willpower Strength 16 intelligence 12 This score gauges a character'sstrength of will, ability to Stamina 15 Reason 11resist magicalforces, and sense of commitmentto a cause. (The character can a lawful good religious institution of the paladinsalways use a shield.) .126r charactcrhanw VICharacter Points Character points are used to purchaseweapon proficien- Regardless of any reroll's success, any character U points spent are lost. . 0. The book was designed by Douglas Niles and Dale Donovan. Gray They suffer a -2 penalty to reaction rolls when they are indwarves rarely venture above ground, as they find sunlightto be painful to their eyes. 4. take long to disabuse myself of that notion. The char- or to prevent young people from pursuingcriminal careers.acter leaves his society behind to find one that suits him Suggested NWPs: Appraising, forgery, disguise, gaming,betfor SuggestedNWPs: Any. Custom-craft your next PC, selecting the profession, skills, and abilities you want! They can be muiti-dassed in any two classes, but notthree. Distarttkousins of the yeti, alaghi are forest-dwelling They are a strong and proud race, easily offended andhumanoids with barrel chests, short legs, and long, power- impulsive. . -#awes have a +1 bonus to their lous and aloof.attack rolls vs. ora, half-orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins. The offense could be a breach of some tribal or With nothingto hold the character in one place, he sets out on a life of adventure-and, perhaps, revenge. w I 1 I K w r u J c r , a d # w D a s ~ .W s OPTLN, OM, M ~ ~ ~t&I.riwJ , sPLWSCW andtheisR bgo areaademarkr awned NTSR hx. Aarakocra Alaghi +2 Strength, -2 IntelligenceThis is similar to the dwatven or gnome Bugbear +1 Strength,-1 Intelligence, -1 Charismaabilities as described earlier in this Bullywug + ++1 DexteWy,-l Intelligence, -1 Charismachapter. Size: A number of monstrous characters enjoy themixed blessings of being a Size Large (L) creature. The use of proficiencies has been modified slightly from straight ability checks, providing more flexibility and a little One example of the latter is Driut Do'Urden and his might go out of his way to help those victimized by crimesloathing of the drow culturefrom which he came. Two players, each maki. Skills Powers presents a new set of rules that further fleshes out character abilities, bringing these abilit In any case, the culprits would not becaught, the character will likely face death. One table is used to determine what event sent a character into the world to adventure, and there is a collection of different "character kits" that a player can use to determine social rank and to influence abilities. However, sincethey occasionally reside near each other, gray and deep Hill Dwarves' Special Abilitiesdwarves tend to come into conflict over the resources of Infravision, 60' SavingThrow Bonusesthe Underdark Melee Combat Bonuses MiningDetectionAbilities An average gray dwarf is about 4' tall and weighs 120 Hill Dwarf Racial Penaltiespounds. This allow the char-acter to have up to a difference of 5in the Dexteritysubability scores.Detect evil (5): Halflings are veryperceptive. Malfunction checks apply to magical wands, rods, Dueto their unfortunate reputation, deep gnomes sufferstaves, rings, amulets, potions, horns, jewels, and all otheritems except weapons, shields, armor, gauntlets, illusionist a -2 reaction roll penalty when initially encountering indi-trappings, girdles, and-if the gnome is a thief-items that viduals of other races.mimic thieving abilities. He can keep enough treasure to support himself, pay his henchmen, and so on, butrestrictedto chain mail or lighter armor, this restriction gives all excess monies must be donated to worthy causes.him 5 CPs; if he is limited to studded leather or lighter Other characters do not qualify as worthy causes. Cec-of curiosity. 1 s and 2s rolled on hit dice are considered 3s. "[2] Ramshaw concludes that "Although Skills & Powers will appeal particularly to players who'd like their characters to take on the abilities of specific heroes from literature, anyone who wants to make their characters stand out from the crowd will simply love it."[2]. A player character orc is one of these Thri-kreen are organized into hunting packs, and theyheroes. Combat penalties for fightng in waterbenefits and hindrances exactly as it appears. Such masonry.characters can have exceptional subability scores, just asthey can have exceptional Strength scores. Or, if the wrong side iswinning the fight, a goblin isn't above reevaluating his alle Minotaurgiances in the middle of a battle. A list and short review of the games the club has just bought: Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse. If a player prise checks, or a -6 if the bullywug attacks with a leaphas a specific character race from an unusual campaign from a place of concealmentworld that hewishes to use, DMs can simply skip the selec- f. Amphibious: The character is at home in either watertion of Racial Abiliiies and take the character race with all its or air environments. The dwarf is also difficult toHit point bonus (10): The dwarf gains an additional hit surprise himself and receivesa +2 bonusto his own sur-pIloluinstioenacrhestiimsteanthte(5c)h:aTrahcetseer attains a new level. New proficiencies, talents, and updated psionics round out the Player's Option character. There is more information about this in chapter four. . . These points can be spent to customize a gnomefrom of the same level. This mechanic Similarly, character points are used to purchase non- allows characters a second chance to accomplish impor- weapon proficiencies. Half-ogres can be any align- weapon or nonweapon proficiencies or saved for use dur-ment ingthe game. New proficiencies, talents, and updated psionics round out the Player's Option character. Minotaurs are powerfully built and tower more than seven feet in height, with theredto gray, and they stand about six and a half feet tall. Syl- Magic identification (10): A 5% chance per experiencevan elves rarely leam the common tongue, as they wish to level of idenhfying the general purpose and function ofhave as l i e to do with the outside world as possible. But most especially theylove gems and jewelry and are considered by many to be Dart bonus Miningdetection abilitiesthe best gem cutters and jewelers in existence. example, a player fond of dwarven characters could choose from the hill, mountain, gray,,or deep varieties.Table 16: Racial LevelLimitsaasS d Hum Players who selectsuch a U-- - -Bard character purchase the barf Gnome H a l f 4 tiakrcw#-og.w* standard packageof abili- U dderic 10 12 9 14 4 8 U 1I ties for the subrace. I got a large-size paperback through an amazon.com bookseller for less than 20 dollars. . .. .. Level Attacks/Round Fighters have 15 character points to spend on 1-6 1/round Each of the abilities below cost 5 to 10 char 7-12 3/2 rounds 13+ 2/round ts.Any unspent points can be used to acquire pon proficiencies or saved for use durinUse the table below to determinethe rate at which theysdvance in levels.II 5 75,000 Id12 for hit points (10): Instead of rolling a 10-sided 150,000 dice to determine initial hit points and how many new hit 17 300.000 points the fighter receives at each level, a 12-sideddice is rolled instead.I' 750,000 I2,700,000 9+24 2,250,000 ~JOOOOOO 9+27 Building (5): The knowledge to construd heavy war machines, siege engines, and siege towers. Sir Lancelot, Sir Cawain, Sir Calahad of King Arthurs Round Table, and Roland and the 12 Peers of Charle- Poison resistance (5): Fighters with poison resistance magne. Also, all racial maxi- Wisdom 10mums and minimums must be observed. Suggested NWPs: Agriculture, mining, carpentry, and local history.Character Points The character wasn't comfort- hurt others, or maybe he became a victim, too, andable in society in which he was raised. . Adventuring skills such as the character stole the item-whether the PC actually did.blind-fightingor spellcraft also might be learned. The roll Method V: Players roll 4d6 for each ability score and indeed fails, and Leon now can spend a point and reroll select the three highest numbers. "[2] Ramshaw admits that character creation is "much more complex and time-consuming with these new rules but if, like me, you enjoy creating characters, then this will be a bonus rather than a problem" and that "the result is much greater player choice without letting characters get grossly out of hand. The kidnappers could be evil relatives, people wan- Anv.deringthrough the character's homeland, monsters, or sim-ply strangers who want to raise a family and can't have chil- it to sea: The character is from an ocean-goingdren of their own. Good scores in Dexterity andan Armor Class bonus. Normal modifiers for old or confused ily crafted and have no magical properties: it's the satyr'strails may apply. A swan- consciously harm a beautiful woman-or ignore her. ,usclebonus (10): +1 bonusto the character's Musde Detect new construction in stonework, 1-2 on 1d6. _LAbilitJy Scores ~include when an adventurer leads NPCs into battle, when This system also can be used to determine the out-one adventurer asks a favor of another, or when a charac- come of direct abilitv-vs.-abilitv contests between charac-ter attempts to instill a belief or attitude into a crowd or ters. TheseMelee combat bonuses Savingthrow bonus bonuses are summarized on the chart below.Rock Gnome Racial PenaltiesGnome A character with leftover Score Bonus character points may select 4-6 +1 7-10 +2additional racial abilities after taking one of the standard 11-13 +3subrace packages. Or, if the player wishes to create his own 14-17 +4 18-20 +5Hairfoots' SpecialAbilities a percentage chance equal to-his Wisdom score of iden- Attack bonus Savingthrow bonuses tifying a potion by appearanceand scent Infravision, 60' Stealth Reason bonus (10): +1 bonus tothe Reason subability. Even a bitter enemy can fascinate theinto a swan form at will. A character with this weakness suffers a -1 penalty to attacks in day- light or within the radius of continualHobnoblin 11 light spells. Comes from a SMOKE-FREE environment. However, they are comfortableCharacter point cost: 40 around rivers and small lakes. tall fescue seed head,